Lagging or Freezing

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If you are lagging or freezing, 90% of the time, this is a problem with your connection

Troubleshooting the network

Make sure you speedtest to the proper server (see Good Practices for speedtest links) also make sure that auto-bandwidth is turned off (and all the other settings are also turned off/default). Always try to leave 5-10mbps overhead bandwidth, so if your speedtest result was 50mbps set shadow to 40.

Consult the shadow stats
Packet loss is a very good indicator of network problems, spikes on ping are also not a good sign (stats are most relevant when they capture a time when you were actually gaming). If reducing bandwidth hasn’t helped, please make sure you are wired to the router through ethernet (powerlines dont count!) we understand that it might be complicated to do so, but this is a very important troubleshooting step as it helps figure out if the problem is in fact from your connection.

Other possible causes

Sometimes the inability of your hardware to decode the video can show up as packet loss (there are FPS, Resolution and bitrate limitations that are very poorly documented by the manufacturers) so try reducing the resolution and or bandwidth further.

If all this fails shoot an email to support and/or seek help on discord, remember to take screenshots of the stats screen with you and telling us everything you have tried.