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If you have an issue setting the resolution you want on shadow windows it may be a GPU is missing issue (first entry), or simply the resolution is missing (second entry).
The stretched resolution guide is the last entry.

My GPU is "missing"

This should be obvious if it is happening to you, there should be a red square on top left (SCREENSHOT MISSING), and/or theres no nvidia control panel available.
To avoid this issue: Always shutdown the shadow PC when you are finished using it.

To fix this issue... you guessed it... Shutdown your shadow PC (through the windows options inside it), wait a couple of minutes before starting it again.

Alternative fix - if you can't afford a reboot for whatever reason: Open Device Manager, and Scan for hardware changes. The GPU should pop up, and your resolution should be fixed.

My resolution doesn't match (black borders)

Shadow is still not smart enough to match the target device resolution unfortunately.
This is easily fixable.

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel.
  2. Head to the resolution menu.
  3. Click Customize, then Create Custom Resolution.
  4. Set up the resolution you want (Under Timing, make sure you select CVT Reduced blank) to use and "test" it
  5. Save, enable the newly created resolution.
  6. Select the created resolution

See the following screenshots:


I want to use a stretched resolution

You just need to do the above step, to add the resolution as a custom resolution, AND set the same resolution on your local PC