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Welcome! This is the best place to start if you want to know more about how Shadow works and/or are in need of some troubleshooting.

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Extra guides


  1. Cannot connect to the Shadow PC
  2. Lagging or freezing?
  3. Image looks blurry or pixelated
  4. Windows Updates
  5. Using a microphone
  6. Using a webcam
  7. Stuttery audio
  8. Game requires driver version YYY
  9. Can't login on the app
  10. My resolution is weird/doesn't fit my screen (black borders)/I want a stetched resolution
  11. Windows Update: Changed language to English (or whatever), but Shadow is still in French
  12. Windows Update: Cannot install .NET framework 3.5
  13. Shadow Ghost: Update process stuck

New error codes for the new launchers