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How do I know if I can run Shadow?

There are two major aspects at play here, your internet connection and your hardware.
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Internet connection

First of all, for the most optimal experience, ethernet connection to the router is always recommended (powerlines and wifi can be troublesome). Always test your connection to the proper server, make sure you have decent results.

  • Ping - is one of the most important stats - which will define the delay you feel, everyone is different and some might be more sensitive to these delays, so there’s no real value we can quote as to “what is good”, in general: under 25ms is perfect; under 50ms is comfortably usable; over 50ms not really recommended.
  • Download speed - This depends greatly on what resolution you want to use, shadow can use up to 70mbps, so if you got more than that you are golden - in general, for comfortable 1080p 60FPS gameplay 30mbps is recommended (this is for h264 streams - see H264 vs H265).
  • Upload speed - not really a thing, under normal conditions shadow shouldn’t need more than 1 Mbps


As stated before Shadow takes advantage of fairly recent technological advancements in video encoding and decoding, this doesn’t mean you need an expensive or strong PC to run Shadow, at the time of this document was written, you can buy a 35£ GPU that can use Shadow at 4K. You can also use integrated graphics.

Note (Aa): The same principle applies the other way around. Just because you have a GTX780 TI for example - you might not be able to run Shadow every way you want. Think of your computer like those old DivX/Xvid/Blu-ray players. The ones that could play movie A, B, C, but not D. Same principle over here.

We recommend Intel integrated graphics for Shadow as their decoder is the best in the market (at least for Shadow).

So how do you check what your hardware can and can’t do?

  • INTEL - head to Intel Quick Sync scroll down to “Hardware decoding and encoding” and look at the table ("Fixed-function Quick Sync Video format support", this shows codenames for every generation of CPUs and what they can and can’t do.

You want it to be at least capable of decoding “H.264”; “H.265” corresponds to “HEVC” on that table. So just google your CPU, and land on the “” page (Example Page).
Pasted image 0.png
Look for the code name and check back on the Wikipedia table - the example is able to decode h264 so it should be able to run Shadow - remember nothing is set in stone, very early support of h264 might mean it doesn’t support more recent h264 algorithms (but we can say with a fair amount of certainty that Sandy Bridge and above are fine!).
Further reading the Wikipedia page will help you figure out any limitations your CPU might face.

  • NVIDIA - Head to Nvidia Pure Video and check “Table of GPUs containing a PureVideo SIP block” you want a GPU with VP5 or above (Other VP generations might work but no guarantees) - Read about the Feature Sets below the table for more info on possible limitations of the GPU.
  • AMD - AMD is the “weirdest” of the three (as always) from what we’ve seen driver support for Windows 7 is bad, and AMD CPU/GPUs might not work as they should on win7. Head to AMD UVD under the “Feature overview” check APU (APUs are CPU’s with integrated graphics) and GPU tables, you want UVD2.2 or higher (UVD requirements not thoroughly verified).